Elton John, Demi Lovato e Mariah Carey aderem campanha e citam por quem estão em isolamento social

Artistas usam a hashtag I stay home for estou em casa por... para incentivar pessoas a se manterem em seus lares durante combate à disseminação do coronavírus.

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Elton John, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Michelle Pfeiffer, David Beckham, Kevin Bacon e Bebe Rexha foram alguns dos famosos que seguraram seus cartazes para dizer por quem estão em casa durante o isolamento social.

O ato faz parte da campanha "I stay home for" – algo como "eu estou em casa por..." -- para incentivar que as pessoas fiquem em seus lares, ajudando no combate da disseminação do coronavírus.

Demi Lovato, por exemplo, disse em seu cartaz que está em casa por seus pais, vizinhos e sua saúde. Mariah Carey também aderiu a campanha e, posando em uma foto ao lado de suas filhas, escreveu que está em casa "pelos trabalhadores da área da saúde e pelo mundo inteiro".

Elton John escreveu que está em casa pelo marido, David Furnish, e os filhos, Elijah e Zachary.

Thank you, @dakotafanning! I nominate @jenniferaniston @naomi @juliannemoore @jessicacapshaw @diane_keaton and @charlizeafrica. Who do YOU stay home for? #IStayHomeFor my sister. She is the first person I thought of- she is young and fit, but has compromised lungs. Not everyone is able to stay home and I am so grateful for those of you who show up every day; the doctors, nurses, first responders, delivery, pharmacy, restaurant + grocery store workers, and more. It is YOU who are keeping it all together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ??

Staying at home for the ones that we love ??. Thank you @kevinbacon for nominating me. I’m staying at home for Victoria and our kids, including Cruzie who’s made his way into this photo ?? Let’s stop the coronavirus spread together ?? Share your own #IStayHomeFor photo with a sign like mine and tag six of your friends asking them to do the same. I nominate @BrooklynBeckham @DavidGardner @Gneville2 @RosemaryFerguson_ @GordonGram and @J_Corden

Wow. It’s been beautiful and inspiring to see #IStayHomeFor grow….and I wanted to make sure to thank everyone who’s contributed to #IStayHomeFor so far, as we all continue to do what we can to #flattenthecurve and practice self-distancing during this tough time. It isn’t easy, but it’s nice to know that we are not alone and there are so many people we’re doing this for….especially those who are fighting hard to keep our services, hospitals and infrastructure going during this crazy time. So keep posting. I'm commenting along. Sending you all love and hope you are keeping safe.

Yes I was naked. Now that I have your attention please keep your booty at home. Thanks @ddlovato and @annemarie for the #IstayHomefor challenge. I nominate @tinashenow @kelseaballerini @charlidamelio and @wilfordlenov !!!!

Thank-you @kevinbacon for the nomination!! #IStayHomeFor @davidfurnish and our boys. Today it’s snakes, ladders and staying inside to stop the spread of coronavirus. Who are you staying home for? Please post your own #IStayHomeFor photo with a sign like mine and tag six of your friends asking them to do the same. My six nominations are - @teddysphotos @samsmith @taron.egerton @sharonstone @sharonosbourne and @sam_fender!

There’s a lot of things going on in our world right now, but if there’s one thing that matters it’s spreading love. #IStayHomeFor my parents, my neighbors and my health ?? Thanks for sharing this with me @kevinbacon!! ?? I’m challenging @mileycyrus @beberexha @arianagrande @ashleygraham @rubyrose & @alokvmenon to share who they stay home for!!

Staying home & keeping positive! Thank you @milliebobbybrown for the great idea! Join us @iamjhud @iamjojo @anitta @kerrywashington @kellyripa @oprah @theellenshow ?????? #istayhomefor #beatthevirus